The poultry industry is the most commercialized and fastest growing segment in the animal husbandry subsector of Nigeria agriculture, but Nigeria is currently spending over $2 billion annually on imported frozen meat, consumes 1.5 million tones of chicken annually but produces only 30% of the consumption while 70% of the chickens that we consume are imported.

There is still a lot that need to be done in the poultry market in Nigeria to drive more production to curb the importation of frozen chicken in to the country, which in turn would impact positively on the economy through the agricultural sector.  

The livestock farming over the years has proven its ability to contribute to the GDP of the economy and create several doors for employment for youths and women. However, very few people could see the opportunities that are available and are also ready to go the extra mile to invest resources in the poultry market. We at farmcenta are already committing resources through crowd sourcing funds from likeminded individuals that are interested in the poultry market and are ready to commit their resources to empower and make decent returns from investing in the poultry market.

We practice Intensive poultry farming system, and our poultry farm is located in Ogun State. The breed is broilers; why broilers? Broilers are very fast growing poultry breeds. Generally, they gain weight within a very short time by consuming certain amount of food. And they are used for commercial meat production. We carry out proper vaccination from time to time to keep the birds from diseases and make them healthy and feet for the market. We have already established an off-take partnership with various vendors, which make it easy for us to sell immediately, although there is already an established market for poultry meat with huge demand. So, you don’t have to think about how you are going to get your returns at the end of the breeding cycle.