Rural farmers are key contributors to the economy of many nations around the world today, but little attention is giving to them especially in Nigeria.

This article will be pointing out some of the challenges facing the rural farmers in Nigeria and the possible solutions.

Access to Funds: You will agree with me that lack of funds can be a set-back for rural farmers today. A lot of them have the ability to scale, but are handicapped by low funds. Most of them have resolved into subsistence farming, leaving the nation to fight the hunger epidemic confronting them, which has lead to the death of many and malnutrition in children we see in children today, especially those in the insurgency affected areas of the country.

Solutions: Government intervention funds and agric-tech startup that crowd source for funds from interested individuals in agriculture to empower as many as possible.

Access to premium markets: Rural farmers lose a lot of the farm produce after harvest because they do not have access to premium market, leaving most of their goods to get spoilt before it gets to the market because they have to sell by all means to take care of their needs. Because of the literacy level of some of this rural farmers, they do not know where and how to locate the premium market, which most of them end up selling to local person.

Solutions: Access to premium markets is provided by agric-tech startup, through LOI that are secured from manufacturers before the farmers go into cultivation.

Modern Farming Tools & Techniques: It is only an insane person that dose things the same way and expect a different result. This is situation of our rural farmers today. The tools and techniques used by them are outdated, which makes them to produce little for processing (manufacturing) and consumption. Providing modern farming tools and techniques to our rural farmers would make them to be more efficient and more productive.

Solutions: Agric-tech startups provide the tools and techniques in form of inputs