Farmcenta Role in the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria

The Nigerian agricultural sector is one major sector of the economy that has been neglected until recently, when the need to diversify began to come to play in the mind of economy experts to save the country from going into recession.

The diversification of the economy which agriculture is one of the sector that is been considered gave birth to several agri-tech companies which farmcenta is one, with a singular mission; “to empower rural farmer to scale”.

It will interest you to know that there is little the government can do to improve and support agriculture in Nigeria because of the current number of rural farmers without the help of agri-tech companies like farmcenta.

According to World Bank, there are over 38million rural farmers in Nigeria and still counting.

The challenge of these rural farmers is inadequate support in farm inputs, training etc, which has affected their productivity.

Farmcenta and other agri-tech companies is established to provide farmers with the necessary support to scale productivity by crowd sourcing funds from interested individuals with a decent returns to the individuals after the harvest period of the particular farm which they invested in.

We have rural farmers in Oyo, and Ogun state which we are currently working with in poultry and cattle farming.

Our farms are insured by LeadWay Insurance Company in case of natural disaster, our investor funds are secured.

We have farm experts working with the farmers to ensure positive result, and we also provide them with accurate weather reports daily, weekly or monthly to help them make better decision.

Farmcenta is also creating indirect employment through our referral package system called “CMI” for the youths.

We believe in the potentials that are available in the agricultural sector in Nigeria, and we are working tirelessly to empower farmers and enrich as many individuals that are ready to invest in our farms.