Food that Cleanse the Liver

The liver is an essential organ of the human body; it is expected of us to take a proper care of the liver if we must live long.

The liver is responsible for the production of carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, and cholesterol and bile to store vitamins

This organ of the body does a lot of work in the body including breaking downs of toxins like alcohol, medications etc.

Here, are some foods that keep the liver healthy; we call them “Foods that cleanse the Liver”

Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea cannot be over emphasized. A study carried out by a Japanese doctor says 2-5 cups of green tea per day is provides enough blood for the liver.

The green tea is generally considered to be good for our health, but its benefits to the liver are unfathomable.

People who take green tea have a low risk of developing liver cancer, if taken daily.

Blueberries and Cranberries

Anthocyanins antioxidants are gotten from Blueberries and Cranberries, which makes it distinctive in colours.

Apart from their health benefits to the liver, they are also connected to many other health benefits.

 To keep the liver healthy, consume these fruits for 3-4weeks. It helps the immune system cell response and develops antioxidant enzymes in the liver.


Who would know that Nuts are high in fats, nutrients including the antioxidant vitamin E- and other beneficial plant compounds.

Nuts are responsible for several health benefits, especially the liver.

An improved liver enzyme level in patients with NAFLD is associated with the intake of Nuts. Low nuts intake increases the chances of developing the disease.

Fatty Fish

Omega-3 fatty acids which are healthy fats that reduce inflammation and the risk of heart disease are associated with fatty fish.

The general consumption of Omega 3 rich fatty fish is beneficial to the liver, and it’s a good thing to consider having it in your diet every time.

An excess intake of Omega- 6 fats can result to liver disease.  It is very important to check the consumption of Omega-3 fats and Omega-6 fats.

Olive Oil

The health benefits in Olive Oil cannot be over emphasized, especially its benefits to the heart and liver, which are the most important organ in the body.

People with NAFLD found out that consuming one teaspoon of olive Oil per day improved their liver enzymes and fat levels.

Accumulation of fat in the liver is part of the first stage of liver diseases. Therefore, olive oil’s positive effects on liver fat and other healthy diet is a valuable.

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