Planting operation is the most critical phase in the establishment of a farm. If not well done, it could lead to a poor survival rate of the plant. Regardless of the post-planting practices that might be carried out the expected output will not be derived. Two aspects crucial in planting are: planting date and plant spacing.

  • Plant date has to do with the sowing of seeds at the appropriate weather condition to prevent losses as a result of drought, waterlogging, etc. and also to achieve the required output.
  • Plant spacing is the distance between one plant and the other. When crops are overcrowded it causes competition for water and nutrient among the crops whereby leads to survival of the fittest and at the end the expected output is affected. Also, it is important to be conscious of the number of seeds per hole when planting. The fallacy of “when you plant more, you get more output” is totally wrong. 
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