Pre-emergence herbicide for Maize planting and the process of application

There are several pre-plant and pre-emergence residual herbicides available for corn. These herbicide programs are key to managing glyphosate-resistant and other difficult-to-control weeds.

The Pre-emergence herbicide is applied a day after planting to prevent weeds from growing with the newly planted seeds.

At FARMCENTA we use both ATRAFORCE and DAMQUAT pre-emergence herbicide for maize production.

Application process:

  1. Fill the drum half way with water so that it can accommodate the herbicides

2. Pour both herbicides into the half-filled drum

3. Fill the drum with water to allow for proper mixing

4. Make sure the herbicides are well mixed with the water in the drum

5. Pour and fill the mixture in your knapsack sprayer

6. Apply to the farm land

The use of pre-emergence herbicides, applied just before or following planting, often provides control of weeds for several weeks. This can greatly improve the effectiveness of a post-emergence herbicide application, and gives the producer more leeway on post-application timing.

Pictures source: Farmcenta Maize Farm in Oyo State, Nigeria.

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