Cattle Farming in Nigeria| A Visit to Farmcenta Cattle Ranch

Farmcenta took her cattle farm sponsors to one of her cattle farms in Fiditi, Oyo State, on Saturday, 26th October 2019.

investors arriving the cattle farm

Investors were first addressed by the Farm Manager, Mr. Fashakin before the farm tour began. He went ahead to appreciate each investor’s efforts for coming down to the farm, he introduces other farm workers, the cattle handlers as well as the Farm Vet Doctor, Dr. Adesanya. 

(L-R Adika Daniel (CTO), Ademola Akinyemi (CEO), Dr. Adesanya. (vet doctor), Mr. Fashakin (farm manager), and a Sponsor.
(L-R: farm sponsor with Dr. Adesanya (vet doctor)


The first section of the farm tour which was visited was the feeding warehouse where all the cattle feed is stored and dispersed daily for their feeding and growth. The handlers use different criteria to select the best animals to be fattened, and age, body size and body condition status of the animals are among the major ones. The feeds in the warehouse comprise of cassava peels, Wheat Offal, Elephant Grass, Beans Shaft and Sorghum.

Mr Ademola explaining the type of cattle feeds Farmcenta uses and their importance


The vet doctor led the investor to the Sick Bay section of the farm where sick and unhealthy cows are kept for treatment and watched daily for any irregularities in their health. She goes on to explain why these cows are separated from the herd because they are not fit to compete for space and food with the others and it is also important to separate them so as not to spread unhealthy contact that might affect the herd, they will be given special care and medications to improve their health and stability so as to be able to join the larger herd.


The investors were then led to the larger sections where the cattle are kept, one of the pen section is called RESTING POINT. When the cattle first arrive at the ranch, they are kept in the resting section for about one to two weeks and later sorted based on size so they won’t bully or harm one another. The smaller sized cattle are taken to the second section so they can be given special care and attention for rapid growth.

cattle at the resting point


Cows were brought out and weighed by the farm handlers so the investors can see the growth progress of the cattle, one weighed about 171kg showing its growth progress from an initial weight of 150kg when it was brought in.


Each cow is ear-tagged with a Farmcenta logo and a number to keep detailed records of each, their growth rate, medical history, treatment, and other necessary details.

each cattle has ear tags

Investors were allowed to ask questions, give reviews and suggestions, take pictures with the cattle handlers as well as walk around the farm to harness the ambiance and synergy.

investors smiling showing that they had a good time

We want to specially thank our investors for coming out to visit the cattle farm in Fiditi, Oyo State. Trust you had a great time.

More farm visits soon!!.

Click here for more pictures from the farm visit: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmJ3i6oK

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