Cattle Farming in Nigeria: Farmcenta Cattle Ranch Study

We specialize in cattle fattening. Fattening is the process of increasing the weight of a cattle to a particular/preferred weight. When the cows reach the required weight, we sell them off to off-takers. 


We off-take cattle from the Northern part of Nigeria; Adamawa and Sokoto State to be precise. We don’t just off-take any type or size of animals, we have specific criteria we look out for in each cattle to reach the desired target set beforehand. 

The Criteria ranges from:

  • Sex: We only use Male Cattle (bulls) for fattening.
  • Health/Live weight: We off-take healthy cattle with weight ranging from 200kg to 230kg.
  • Breed:  Breeds with high feed conversion ratio and high demand for their meat in the market are selected. Two cattle breeds fit in our fattening profile; these are Adamawa Gudali, commonly known as “Bokolo” and N’dama breed.
Adamawa Gudali/Bokolo breed
Farmcenta, an agri-tech company in Nigeria cattle investment
N’dama breed


The induction weight of each cattle varies, but the minimum weight is between 200-230kg. When the cows arrive at the ranch, they are taken quarantine for three days; this can also be called Resting Point. During the three day quarantine period, each cattle is checked for any foreign infection or diseases that can spread and cause harm to the existing cows on the ranch. This inspection is carried out by the farm veterinary team. Stabilizing drugs and injection will be given to each cattle so they can calm down from the traveling and adjusting stress.

Farmcenta, an agri-tech company in Nigeria cattle investment
Cattle at their Resting Point


The cattle are inducted on the third day; they are removed from their resting point and allowed to mingle with the other cows on the ranch. Before induction is done, the vet doctor and animal scientist conduct all medical activities for each cow; several vaccines and medications are given to them like Dewormer, Antihelmith, Multivitamins, Antibiotics and others. Finally, they are ear-tagged with numbers so they can be identified easily for their fattening process, health, and nutritional status.

Farmcenta, an agri-tech company in Nigeria cattle investment
Cattle mingling with other bulls on the ranch


We now have a milling machine at the ranch, which we use to mix the cattle feed in-house. Our cows are fed with roughages and concentrate like Wheat offal, Maize bran, Millet, Palm kernel Cake (PKC), etc. Vitamins are also added to feed and water. Feed additives like Common salt, Molasses are added to the feed to increase the appetite of the Cattle.

Farmcenta, an agri-tech company in Nigeria cattle investment
Cattle feeding on mixed feed to aid their fattening purpose


We fatten our cattle to a preferred weight (300 KG and upwards) within 90 days period for the sole purpose of making the animal ready for slaughter and better meat quality. Each cattle is weighed periodically throughout their stay on the ranch to see if they are adding weight and performing well; those that are not performing well are separated and given special/needed attention. 

Farmcenta, an agri-tech company in Nigeria cattle investment

Farming Practice:

We practice intensive farming (paddock system), where all consultations are carried out on the ranch. The Cattle are provided with water, feed, and treatment on the farm so they do not have to move about searching for feed and water.

Farmcenta, an agri-tech company in Nigeria cattle investment


We have resident veterinary team and an independent veterinary consultant that carry out all animal treatments; we also have an animal specialist that specializes in animal nutrition, who weighs and conducts the right amount of feed to give each cattle to get the desired results. The ranch is in top shape.


The farm is fenced round, providing maximum security to the cattle, with 24hr security provided by licensed security personnel. We have a partnership with Oyo State police command who patrols the farm every night.


When they reach the required weight, they are then sold to off-takers, open market, and beef processing companies, hotels, and restaurants as well as individual buyers. 

Business Expansion Strategy:

We will be starting our beef processing operations here in Lagos soon, and we are working with The Lagos State government to start a standard Abattoir with modern technology; ovens, boiler, skinner, band-saws, cold-rooms etc. In comparison with the local slaughterhouses where they use tyres, fuel and rubbers which causes cancer (Carcinogenic), their operations are also carried out in dirty environments using unsterilized equipment’s, we will be employing the use of modern equipment and better hygienic methods in meat processing to create safer and healthier beef.

Watch out for this massive opportunity, we would love you to be a part of it!!. 

Leadway Assurance LLC insures all our farms.

For more information or inquiries?

Please call/WhatsApp: +2347018231992

Or send a mail to info@farmcenta.com

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