8 Immune Boosters: Weapons Against COVID-19

The recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought even the powerful nations to their knees. With the rising incidence of this disease every day due to the mode of transmission, there is an inevitable pandemonium in the minds of people. Thousands of people are dead due to the COVID-19, some are dying, and however, what you need to know is that a lot of people are recovering too. What is the difference between those who recovered and those who didn’t? So glad you asked! The simple answer is IMMUNITY.

           While there is no known vaccine and cure for COVID-19 presently, you can strengthen your immune system to fight against infections using immune boosters. Some foods are rich in nutrients that can boost immunity as well as medicines. The good news is that they are readily available and affordable.


Especially citrus fruits, because they are rich in Vitamin C which helps to build up the immune system by stimulating white blood cell production. They are very effective when you have a cold or flu. Vitamin C is not produced by the body so there is a need to take Vitamin C orally for optimum health.

Fruits source: Google


Pawpaw is also a fruit that’s a good source of Vitamin C. In fact, pawpaw contains more than the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C and other nutrients such as folate, potassium, etc.

Pawpaw source: Google

Red Bell Peppers

They are a very rich source of Vitamin C even a better source than oranges. They are also rich in beta carotene which helps to keep the skin healthy.

Red Bell Pepper source: Google


Spices such as garlic, ginger and turmeric are very rich in antioxidants that boost the immune system. They are also useful in lowering blood pressure, decreasing inflammation and reducing cholesterol. So you can spice up your foods and as a result, strengthen your immunity.

Garlic and Ginger Spice source: Google


Greek yogurt can stimulate the immune system to fight diseases. It is also a rich source of Vitamin D which aids in the regulation of the immune system.

Home Made Yogurt source: Google


Vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are good for you for a whole lot of reasons; one of which is boosting immunity. They are packed with minerals and different vitamins (A, C and E). However, because these nutrients are quite delicate, you need to cook your vegetables as little as possible. Also, remember to wash them well before cooking and eating.

This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits. source: Google

Green Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants and amino acids which aid in the production of the germ-fighting compounds in your T-cells.

Green Tea source: Google


Chicken is good news for the lovers of chicken. Chicken is not just a feel-good food but also an immune booster. No wonder, chicken soup is highly recommended for the sick.

Full Chicken source: Google

Try as much as possible to incorporate all these immune boosters into your diet and watch Coronavirus fall at your feet. Also, avoid fear and stress. Remember to stay safe by staying at home and take the preventive measures seriously.

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