Farmcenta Takes Her Investors To Visit Their Cattle Ranch in Fiditi, Oyo State

On the 14th March 2020, we took our investors to their cattle ranch located at Fiditi, Oyo State. Investors were thrilled at the sight of the ranch, its layout as well as on-going developments on the farm.

Investors posing for a group picture at the office complex before heading to the bus to begin the trip to the cattle ranch.

Investors walking to the bus ready to begin their trip to the cattle ranch, the cattle ranch is located at Fiditi, Oyo State which is about 2 hours away from the office complex in Lagos State (12, Kayode Ali Cl, Omole Phase 1).

Police Officers from The Lagos State Police Command were on ground to escort the team and investors to the cattle ranch and back to ensure proper security of all. Police Officers from the Oyo State Police command also joined the bus escort to ensure safe passage on the road through Oyo State.

Arriving the farm, safety gears were shared before moving round the ranch, hats were also shared to make investors feel like farmers. Hand gloves as well as hand sanitizers were not left out for proper hygiene and safety precautions.

First stop was the feed warehouse where all the feed used on the farm are being stored, the milling machines used to mix the cattle feed in appropriate portions are also kept in the warehouse.

Segun Falaye, the Product Manager explained the feeding process used on the ranch to fatten the bulls, he explained how feeding the cattle with the right amount of nutrient ensures their proper fattening. He also explained that any mistake in the feed or nutrient proportion of the feed can lead to bloating and sickness of the cattle. Segun enlightened the investors on some secret ingredients being used by Farmcenta feed nutritionist on their feed to also aid the fattening process.

Investors walking through the cattle pens led by the Ceo Farmcenta; Ademola Akinyemi, there are over eight pens on the ranch with different sections as the ranch sits on over 20 acres of farm land.

Each pen houses 60 or more bulls to eliminate congestion and each pen has its own handler (farm assistant). The farm has everything needed to operate on its own, gears, security, necessary amenities and uninterrupted water supply as water is supplied directly to the cattle pens. The ranch practices intensive farming, as the cattle are being fed and taken care of on the ranch. The ranch also has its own office complex, veterinary doctors, feed nutritionist, farm assistants and round the clock security officials all working together to ensure proper operation of the farm activities.

CEO Farmcenta; Ademola Akinyemi, explaining the Rest Point Process to the investors: (when the cattle are brought in, they are put in a pen called Rest point to allow them rest for 3 days, this will help them relieve the transportation stress and adjust to the new environment quickly). He also explained the need to periodically scale and weight each cattle to aid record keeping and pay attention to their fattening process.

Excited investors amused by the developments on the farm did not hesitate to take pictures and videos of the cattle and the farm.

CEO Farmcenta; Ademola Akinyemi updating the investors about the new developments on the cattle ranch, expansion and introducing the dairy production section.

Investors took turns to take pictures with a bull with the ear-tag number 12 (each bull is ear-tagged to keep their medical records as well as growth rate and behavioral study). The farm assistants explained that bull number 12 happens to be the more friendly bull on the ranch as the other bulls are easily scared away by the sight of crowd.

Investors having chit-chats and discussing their experience and new insights about the cattle ranch and cattle farming in general. Some investors stated they have never been to a standard cattle ranch and it was a great opportunity not to be missed as they have learn a lot most especially where the beef they consume comes from.

Many investors were willing to tell the media team how they felt about investing with Farmcenta, some of which happens to be their first time investment and likewise first time on a cattle ranch. They expressed their gratitude for the team corporation as well as the investment plan and vision of the ranch for now and the future.

Click here to watch Ojuolape Arojo, a Farmcenta cattle farm investor share her experience on the cattle farm visit

Farmcenta is an Agri-tech startup that seeks to improve rural farming by addressing farmer’s critical farming needs such as mechanized tools, high yield seeds, training on climate smart agriculture techniques and off-take harvest to increase food production in Nigeria and Africa. Their mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone to support the SDG 2: Zero Hunger.

Learn more by visiting their website at www.farmcenta.com or contact them via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or via email at info@farmcenta.com.

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