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Cattle Fattening System In Nigeria

Cattle fattening is a system of finishing cattle in order for them to meet the market requirements, the cattle are hereby placed on a strictly regulated diet for the space of 90 days whereby high energy based nutritious diet is introduced. Cattle fattening enterprise represents an important component of the agribusiness sector of the economy with great economic, income, poverty reduction, and social implications. Cattle fattening for beef production have become an important business for farmers, especially in Nigeria, therefore, making it a profitable and flexible enterprise.

Bull on Farmcenta Cattle Ranch
Bull being fattened on the Framcenta Cattle ranch

The Nigerian livestock sector has been a source of well-being for many citizens, particularly for the rural dwellers. The cattle fattening enterprise being a major component of the livestock sector plays a vital role in the economic development of the nation. Selection of animals based on breed, age and body conformation, quality of feed, management system, and pricing strategy are the major factors to make the fattening package profitable. It is a profitable system of cattle rearing to alleviate poverty, unemployment, and generate income. Many people earn their living from the fattening enterprise as veterinary doctors, feed millers, transporters, marketers, and drug manufacturers. Thus, it is believed that an increase in the scale of production could accelerate the phase of the economic development of the nation.

Bulls being fattened on the Framcenta Cattle ranch

Farmcenta is into cattle fattening for the ideal purpose of alleviating poverty, creating employment opportunities, increasing economic growth, and income. Also, to promote the production of healthy and quality beef for consumption.

Farmcenta cattle ranch
Bulls being fattened on the Framcenta Cattle ranch

We have a cattle ranch in Fiditi, Oyo State, which sits on over 20 acres of land. The ranch has 8 pens housing over 50 bulls each with a target to fatten at least 500 bulls every quarter before selling off to beef processing companies and other off-takers. The ranch also has its own in-house feeding system where we process our feed for the cattle.  Veterinary doctors, animal nutritionists as well as farm assistants are on the ground on the ranch to attend to any needs. New developments are currently on-going on the ranch and we will be sharing the updates soon.

farmcenta cattle ranch
Farmcenta cattle ranch

Our cattle farm is currently open for sponsorship; Invest in our Cattle Farm with as little as #75,000 (Seventy-Five Thousand Naira) and get 21% returns on investment after 8 months. Moreover, you get 23% returns on your investment when you sponsor 10 units and above.

Farmcenta Cattle Fattening Investment Now Selling

Click here to sponsor: Farmcenta Cattle Ranch is located at Fiditi, Oyo State.
Partner with Farmcenta and empower farmers while you grow your investment.

Farmcenta is an Agri-tech startup that seeks to improve rural farming by addressing farmer’s critical farming needs such as mechanized tools, high yield seeds, training on climate-smart agriculture techniques and off-take harvest to increase food production in Nigeria and Africa. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone to support SDG 2: Zero Hunger. Learn more by visiting our website at or contact us via InstagramFacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn, or via email at

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