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Meat Embassy; one of our Cattle Off-takers Visit the Ranch for Assessment

On Thursday 16th July 2020, we hosted officials from the Meat Embassy on our cattle ranch at Fiditi, Oyo State. Meat Embassy is one of our cattle off-takers, they have always been impressed with the quality of our beef as well as the availability of traceability report, these and more prompted them to visit the ranch for a full assessment and to discuss partnership opportunities.

officials from Meat Embassy discuss business opportunities with Farmcenta team members

Officials from Meat Embassy discuss business opportunities with Farmcenta team members

Meat embassy is one of Nigeria’s largest meat processing companies, which provides products like beef, chevon (goat meat), turkey, chicken, mutton, lamb, pork, snail to households, hotels, restaurants, grand chefs, office canteens, supermarkets, etc. She is a leader in the meat processing sector; providing excellent customer service, clean slaughtering, processing, and storage facilities aimed at providing consumers with healthy meat that meets the required quality and standards.

Meat Embassy team assessing our scaling section on the ranch

Farmcenta is on a mission to make an impact in the beef processing industry by producing healthy and quality meat products from “farm to table” through our cattle fattening program.

The officials were very impressed with new developments on-going on the ranch and are willing to go into a long term partnership with us.

We are in the business of improving the quality of food products as well as the consumption of quality beef. One of our main goals is to eliminate hunger globally and, in an attempt, to work in line with that goal, we keep increasing our capacity and expanding our markets both locally and internationally.

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