Dairy Development Programme (DDP) is targeted towards supporting the Federal Government’s initiative of improving dairy farming in Nigeria with the main aim of sourcing raw milk material from local producers.

A section of MCP under construction on our ranch by our technical partner

We are implementing a change in the dairy sector; Our main goal is to increase production and distribution of quality milk in Nigeria as well as the international market. We are ready as an organization to take up this challenge and add value to dairy farming in Nigeria.

Some of our technical partners’ team with Farmcenta’s team on the Ranch

Our technical partner lead doctor inspecting our Cows on the Ranch

Required hybrid pasture development for cows grazing on-going on the ranch

Pictures of pregnant cows on the ranch

Investment Opportunity:

The stage is set for milk collection and this is a great opportunity to invest and be a part of the change we are bringing to the milk production sector in Nigeria. Earn 40% – 45% Returns while you make Bigger Impacts in the agricultural sector.

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