Cattle fattening is a system of finishing cattle for them to meet the market requirements, the cattle are hereby placed on a strictly regulated diet for the space of 90 days whereby high energy based nutritious diet is introduced. Cattle fattening enterprise represents an important component of the agribusiness sector of the economy with great economic, income, poverty reduction, and social implications. Cattle fattening for beef production have become an important business for farmers, especially in Nigeria, therefore, making it a profitable and flexible enterprise.

The livestock industry as a whole (ram, goats and cattle) plays an indispensable role in the traditional agriculture and largely subsistence economy of Nigeria, the sub-sector contributes about fifteen-point three percent (15.3%) of the total agricultural sector. The sector is undergoing a massive transformation fueled by high demand for meat, which is likely to double in the near future, the major forces behind this, is the combination of population growth, urbanization and income growth (FAO/IAEA, 2006).

Rear view of Farmcenta Cattle Ranch

About a year ago, we started with fattening about 50 bulls on the ranch, since then we have been expanding our capacity and our market has been expanding as well. Currently, our cattle ranch in Fiditi, Oyo State, sits on over 50 acres of land with 10 pens housing 50 bulls each with a target to fatten a minimum of 500 bulls every quarter before selling off to beef processing companies and other off-takers. The ranch also has its in-house feeding system where we process our feed for the cattle. Veterinary doctors, animal nutritionists as well as farm assistants are on the ranch to attend to any needs. 

Our market base keeps expanding due to our capacity and strategies put in place. These strategies placed us in a strong position during the lockdown; we were able to maintain constant supply of bulls to beef processing companies and also bring new off-takers on board.

New stock arriving the ranch

We are scaling-up our operations; we are working with a new target which is to fatten a minimum of 1,000 bulls every quarter as opposed the current 500 bulls being fattened. This will help to strengthen the beef production sector; whereby healthy and quality beef will be available and this will considerably affect the quality of food consumed by Nigerians. We can cover larger markets, with exportation in view.

Bulls currently being fattened on the ranch pictured feeding

To attain our aforementioned target of fattening a minimum of 1,000 bulls every quarter, an expansion project as ensued on the ranch, that is; constructions of new pens, acquisition of more lands etc. We are consolidating our existing farm operations through partnership with individuals and institutions to expand the agro-food productions, processing and distribution locally and internationally leveraging on our cattle ranch. This is a great opportunity for investors to be part of, we are imploring everyone to join hands with us to promote the production and distribution of healthy, quality beef in Nigeria.

Our cattle farm will be open for sponsorship on Tuesday 29th September 2020; minimum investment is 500,000 (five hundred thousand naira) with 38% returns on investment in 12 months. Moreover, you get 40% returns on your investment when you sponsor 2 units and above.