Agricultural consultancy is one backbone for a successful agricultural business in Nigeria. It helps to create a platform where innovative and expert base advice and knowledge are shared with farmers and Agri-business.

The agriculture industry is one of the primary and most important industries in Nigeria, most sectors depend on agricultural products for their functioning. yet, the sector suffers from various challenges.

One of the key problems facing the Nigerian agricultural industry is the lack of good consultancy services. The industries still rely on crude methods of agriculture and suffer from a lack of technical know-how, research findings, and innovation.

Like every other sector, Agriculture can only work efficiently when different departments work together collectively. And agricultural consultancy is one of the core departments that can facilitate this.

In our thrive to improve agriculture and promote food security in the country, we recently launched our Agricultural consultancy service. It supports established and growing farmers and those seeking to start an agricultural business.

With our consultancy service, we would help in collaborating with different people and organizations relating to the agricultural industry. 

Agricultural consultancy
Agricultural consultancy

Here is one of the few things you can expect from our Agricultural consultancy services:
  • Better Agricultural suggestions and advice to farmers for healthy yields.
  • Help startup farmers and agricultural firms with necessary ideas, advice, knowledge, and other input that would enable their business to thrive better.
  • Provision of expert base research and innovation in the various agricultural field.
  •  Advice on compliance with agricultural policies and legislation
  • Collect data, conduct analyses and interpret data in the simplest form
  • conducting, writing, and reviewing standard market analysis, business plan, and feasibility report/study that could increase higher chances of agricultural credits and loans.
  • Aid clients in the areas of business planning, government grant application, legal advice, and new business opportunity.
  • We also help in farm setup, procedures, and management for various agricultural sectors.
  • connect clients with relevant stakeholders, markets, and other important players in the industries.
  • We are also at the core front of solving agricultural/ farm challenges, both technical and business-related.

Our consultancy services span across all the agricultural sectors, such as crop production, animal production, commodity aggregation, processing and marketing, agricultural input, feed processing. And also various stages of the agricultural value chain.

With our vast experience, a team of experts, and long-standing reputation, you can trust farmcenta to give you the best consultancy services and also a result-oriented process that would help your agric-business strive and sustainable.

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