Building a cordial relationship with our investors has always been top of our priority list. And this was one of our many aims when we took our investor for a farm visit on the 29th of May 2021. The reason for the farm visit was to create connections and also transparency between investors and team members. And also enable the investors to have the first-hand experience of activities going on the farm and to see the progress and reality of the cattle value chain investment.  

We are more than thrilled to say our investors were very excited and thrilled by the event, especially for some investors who were visiting the cattle ranch for the first time. And even our second-time visitors, at the progress and various developments happening on the farm. It was indeed a great time for us and our investors, experiencing firsthand what a cattle farm looks like and what the farming activities entail.

Team Member and investors taking A tour round the farm

Investors interact with communication team

The farm visit kick-started with our esteemed investors’ arrival at around 8;30am. And team members treated them to a warm welcome at the office complex (12 Kayode Ali Close, Omole Phase 1). Our communication and brand strategist then had a brief interview section with our investors to get their opinion on their experience so far as an investor in farmcenta. It was indeed an intimate section, as our investors express their satisfaction with the organization, their investment, and most especially the customer service.

one of our investors having a rundown of questions before the interview
our communication and brand strategist having a quick chat with one of our investors
our investors getting ready for their interview
our customer service personnel having a brief discussion with a potential investor

Investor’s Testimony

One of our investors Mr. Rapuluchukwu, who is a first-time investor express, he was first skeptical about investing in the Agric-tech sector. But follow-up emails, monthly updates, and calls from our customer relation personnel, showing the companies confidence and transparency were all he needed to boost his confidence about the sector. He also stresses the fact that the company is not just all about money, but has a vision and is highly sustainable.

So also was the report from another investor Mrs. Abimbola Oladapo, who stressed her love for the customer service department and how they always keep her addressed. We rounded the interview section with various advice and words of encouragement from our investors.

Our first-time investor sharing his experience so far
A regular investors sharing some word of advice

Security On The Farm

To ensure adequate security of our investors and team members, a team of security personnel from the Lagos state police division accompanied us to the farm. This was also in conjunction with our security partners like the southwest security network(Amotekun), in-house armed vigilante team NSCDC and the farm security personnel.

Newly innovated security post

A visit to the feed store

We arrived at the farm about 1 pm, with the distribution of personal protective gear and COVID-19 procedures duly observed. The event kick-started by first taking a tour to the feed store to examine the various feed-bought, importance to the cattle, and our plans to acquire more nutritious feed for the cattle. Our farm specialist, Mr. Segun Falaye, took his time to explain and answered various questions from our very inquisitive and excited investors.

A visit to the Feed store
Our farm specialist, Mr. Segun addressing our Investors

The Rest Point

With much eagerness, we moved to the rest point, a place where we keep our new arrivals. Our investors were able to have first-hand experience of what our new arrival bull looks like before the fattening process.

New arrival bull at the rest point

Induction point

The next point of the visit was the induction point. This is the point where we weigh incoming bulls, to ascertain their weight. We also administer a combination of various antibiotics, multi-vitamin, dewormers, and other drugs to ensure we treat the bulls from any disease. The drugs also ensure they build resistance against any form of infection or sickness.

Bulls going through the induction procedure

A visit to the Pen

we then moved to the housing unit(pen), where we keep the bulls for fattening. We have about 8 pens and each has about 5o bulls. It highly impressed most of our investors to see the quality of bulls and the serene environment in which we raise the bulls. 

The housing unit

Dairy Unit

Visiting the dairy unit was no different. Our investors expressed their opinions on various issues in the unit, commended the farm manager, Mr. Fashakin, as well as the company. The investor had so many questions to ask, as most of them were just seeing how they collect raw milk for the first time.

Our Farm specialist addressing investors at the Diary unit

The dairy unit is where we house cows(the female cattle that produce milk). We have about 5 pens for cows and 125 cows in total. Our cows comprise both foreign breeds, such as the Friesland cow, one of the most productive cows in the world. And also local breeds such as Ambala breeds. We look forward to improving our herds and that is why there is a great concentration on crossbreeding at the ranch. This will enable us to raise a new set of cows that can produce high quantity and quality milk.

Milk Collection Point

The last point of the farm visit was the Milk collection point(MCP), the only MCP in southwest Nigeria. This is where we store freshly collected raw milk and test to find out their water level, bacterial load, blood, and any traces of drugs. We also check the level of essential components like lactose, protein are in their right proportion.

Investors taking a shot at the MCP

The MCP comprises a water heater, a 500litres capacity storage tank, that stores the milk at a temperature of  50 celsius. A transfer tank, this is used to transfer milk in and out of the storage tank. It also has a water bath, where the milk is placed into test tubes and run under a particular temperature to see if there are impurities or if it is safe to use. Our investors were opportune to meet our partners from WAPCO, the producers of peak milk. And they thoroughly enlightened our investors on how the MCP works and how they process milk at large.

Team member also taking a shot at the MCP

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With many questions thoroughly answered and our investor’s great satisfaction, words of encouragement, and advice, we left the farm about 4 pm. It was indeed an exceptional experience for both the team members and the investors and we look forward to many more farm visits.

Farmcenta’s impact

Farmcenta remains at the core front of improving rural farming by addressing farmer’s critical farming needs such as mechanized tools, high yield seeds, training on climate-smart agriculture techniques. And also off-take harvest to increase food production in Nigeria and Africa. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone to support the SDG 2: Zero Hunger and also improve food security in Africa.

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